Weihai Ruiyang Boat Development Co., LTD participated in China International Consumer Products Expo

On May 10, the first China International Consumer Products Expo came to an end in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.  A total of 1,505 enterprises and 2,628 consumer brands from 70 countries and regions participated in the 4-day Expo, receiving more than 30,000 real-name registered buyers and professional visitors, and more than 240,000 visitors entered the Expo.  As the only boat company, Weihai Ruiyang was selected into the Shandong delegation of the exhibition.

In this exhibition, Weihai Ruiyang brought two popular products, Tour series inflatable paddle board and RY-BD inflatable boat.  Both products attracted customers from all over the world to visit as soon as they appeared.  Shandong TV Station, Hainan TV Station, Qilu Evening News and other media came to interview, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Polish and French merchants on the spot, and had in-depth communication with domestic purchasers and raw material suppliers.

Post time: Jun-22-2021

Post time: 06-22-2021
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