Inflatable Speed Boat

inflateble boat



    Product Description

    Pure hand-made, and our ship can be customized according to your requirements, the size of the ship, the color, the bow, flooring, fittings, etc Inflatable boats are divided into more than one independent security chamber, if one of the air chamber is damaged, another chamber will not be affected, air exhaust safely and quickly high strength leakproof valve air exhaust more secure.The material is also made of high quality PVC or HYPALON material structure with upper and lower reinforcing layers to increase stability. It is handmade and has UV resistance, fuel resistance and chemical resistance, weather resistance, mechanical wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance All joint adopt hot welding process or pure hand-made, in order to realize the perfect joint, and to ensure that in fresh water, salt water and high humidity can be sustainable use For maximum strength and durability, and will not spread out In order to guarantee the quality of each product, we have strict production process, production process strictly controlled, multi-channel quality inspection process to ensure that the quality of each ship.Within the packaging is equipped with double begin acting pump, a person also can easily to air ship air, just as easily deflated and store it in included in the bag, convenient to carry In addition to the paddle boat still have the option of motor can be equipped with (motor sales alone) can promote use feeling We are equipped with complete and advanced accessories including, receive bag oar air compressor Repair kits etc.The inflatable boat is suitable for a variety of scenes, leisure fishing, sightseeing, floating and so on. Whether it is fresh water lake, river or sea, it can be used. It is your good partner for water entertainment.

    Model Description

    ModelLengthWidthHeight.Chamber PeoplePassengers


    Standard  Equipment

    Two pieces of aluminum oars

    Reparing kit

    Foot pump

    Carrying bag

    Expansion valve

    Optional Equipment

    Inflatable thwart

    Under seat bag

    Front bag

    Boat cover

    Extra seat

    OEM Order






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